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Vendor Application

Vendor Application

Each event (Pier Plaza Fridays and Pier Plaza Weekends) has a separate application. Please read each one carefully. Listed below are general guidelines that apply to each event. Keep in mind that we are not allowed to compete with the downtown merchants.

  • All merchandise must be appropriate for family viewing.

  • No commercial, imported or manufactured goods allowed.

  • Services and food products/items are not allowed.

  • Space is limited; priority will be given to returning vendors.

  • Spaces are 10′ x 10′.

  • You are required to bring a canopy or umbrella. Tables must be draped.

  • You are responsible for construction, removal and cleanup of your booth and area.

  • Vehicles are not permitted on the plaza area.

  • Business License with City of Huntington Beach is required after participating 6 days. (Contact City of Huntington Beach License Department (714) 536-5267 for license information.)

  • Seller’s permit issued by California State Board of Equalization is required (tax ID #). If not issued by Orange County, must have addendum from original issuing county. (Contact your county office of California State Board Equalization for seller’s permit information.)

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